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You might not realise it, but all the precious memories of your baby’s first year will fade over time. The edges will soften, and as other children come along, they will all get jumbled together. Now imagine if you were presented with a record of YOUR first year in the world. Imagine if you could read your mother’s thoughts and follow her experience as a parent. While this is your journal, it will, in time, become their journal too.

Our Baby Journal is a way to preserve all the precious small moments that can be lost in the fog of motherhood. It will allow you to record all the milestones and memories to enjoy in the future as your child grows.

About Us

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The Power of Journaling

Journaling can be an incredibly helpful tool for new parents as they navigate the challenges and joys of parenthood. One of the primary benefits of journaling is its ability to help you manage stress and anxiety. Writing down thoughts and emotions can help to organise and clarify them, which can lead to a greater sense of control and calmness.

Questions you may have

What is a baby journal?

A baby journal is a keepsake book where you record all the details of your baby's first year and your memories of becoming or being a parent. There are prompts and photo pages and space to write to your baby for the future. Our journal also has a daily/weekly progress page and practical information to help you ease into parenthood.

When should I start a baby journal?

Our baby journal is designed to start before baby is born as you make the final preparations. However, you can start after baby is born too. Memories are powerful and the more detail you write about, the more you will remember in the future.

How will I make time to record all my memories?

As a new parent you will be very busy. And setting aside a few minutes every few days will help you organise your thoughts and feel in control of what can be a very disorganised time. Keep your journal out where you will see it. Make little voice memos on your phone as reminders of things to add to your journal. Mark the photos you plan to print as favourites so that they are easy to find on your phone. Your future self will thank you for taking the time to save these precious moments, as will your child.

Where can I buy a baby journal?

You can buy our baby journal here on our website. We sometimes do baby fairs or pop up markets and will let everyone know well in advance where we will be. Follow our socials for updates - @ourbabyjournals

A little message from Rose

Hello! My name is Rose Kelleher and I am the founder of Our Baby Journals. I am a mum of 4 grown-up children, a nurse and a midwife. I have worked with parents and babies my whole life.

The inspiration for this journal stems from my lack of information about my children's first years based on my memories of that time.  The big things you will naturally remember, but all those small little things, that will form the core of your experience as a parent, can often be forgotten as baby grows up and/or other babies come along.

That was certainly my experience. When I look back now at my children's first years, I can honestly say that it's all jumbled together in my mind. 

I therefore created Our Baby Journal as a way for parents of a new baby to plan for, record and save all the precious little memories and events that occur during that first busy year of life.

Rose xx