Meet Rose, founder of Our Baby Journal

A message from Rose

Hello, my name is Rose Kelleher and I am the founder of Our Baby Journals. I am a mum of 4 grown up children, a nurse and a midwife. I have worked with parents and babies my whole life.
The inspiration for this journal stems from my lack of information about my children's first years based on my memories of that time. I therefore created Our Baby Journal as a way for parents of a new baby to plan for, record and save all the precious little memories and events that occur during that first busy year of life. The big things you will naturally remember, but all those small little things, that will form the core of your experience as a parent, can often be forgotten as baby grows up and/or other babies come along.
That was certainly my experience. When I look back now at my children's first years, I can honestly say that it's all jumbled together in my mind. Photographs will spark a memory for sure, but the every day details of my life as a mother of small children have faded over time. And I didn't want them to fade. I wanted to remember all the tiny details of what I did every day, what they liked and disliked, when they sat up and walked, and so much more.
So use this journal like a vault. A safe place to store your thoughts, your memories, your experience of being a parent to your wonderful little baby. Then, when it's completed, keep it safe.
Open the vault when you are expecting another baby and decide how you will parent the next baby based on your experience this time.
Open the vault years down the road when the edges of precious memories are beginning to fade.
And maybe one day, give all this collected information to your grown up child to show them how much they are loved.
Rose xx
About the Journals
Baby journals are a wonderful way to capture all the precious memories during your baby's first year of life. But our baby journal is a little different.
Our Baby Journal is a journal and a planner. As a new parent there is so much to remember and plan for, and this starts before your baby is born. Think about all the lists you have created. Things you need for your new baby. Things you need for the hospital. Things you must do or plan or organise before baby arrives. Well, that doesn't stop when baby is born.
Our journal has space for you to organise and plan your life, reflect on your experience, express gratitude for the small moments, record medical appointments, create lists and plan big moments. All this in addition to recording precious memories in word and photo. And practical information to help you transition to motherhood with ease.
Our Baby Journal is the perfect gift to yourself or a loved one!